Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Self Portrait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Self Portrait - Essay Example What is more, I had my own future ambitions, which were focused on living a well learned lifestyle that made me financially independent and free from most of the common worries of life. In effect when the opportunity came, I felt the luckiest person in the word for the amazing future ahead in USA and the awful future I escaped for leaving Cuba. There’s millions of Cubans or other countries’ citizens willing the same opportunity and I was one of the chosen one. The second episode was related to a social event in my life, when as part of my long time ambition to attend a world class concert, I attended the concert of none other than Celine Dion. Not only did I attend Celine Dion’s concert but I had the opportunity to sit at a VIP stand that was very close to the stage where I could see the artist clearly and have a full feel of the concert. The show was colorful for everyone who was there but to me, it is more than awesome. Before the time, I had an iPod full of Celine Dion’s songs, which tells how much I love the diva. But from my background, hardly did I think a day was coming when I would sit at her feet and watch her perform. Here was I, the poor, country girl in front of that amazing and divine voice – it was very emotional. It is so pleasant to feel as a social event can complete aspects of a person’s life. The last episode is on my academic life and related to the day of my graduation as a Registered Nurse. Caring for others and being of help to them has been my childhood ambition. When in May 2009 I graduated with BSN from Barry University on May 2009, I was more than joyous. . When I think about my graduation as a nurse, it makes me think everything is possible. This episode gives me so many lessons on the need to be consistent, dedicated and responsible. I always worked (full time job as a waiter) and studied (full time too), had a husband and did house duties as a wife at the same time when I was studying. These factors however

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