Saturday, October 19, 2019

Response assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Response - Assignment Example â€Å"Cameron (†¦.) defines several different kinds of research based on relationships between researchers and those they are researching, including ETHICAL RESEARCH, ADVOCACY RESEARCH, and EMPOWERING RESEARCH.† (Wolfram et al 1119). The significance of this sentence lies in the fact that it introduces the reader to modes of research in social linguistics. It further explains the relevance of these types of research to both researchers and the communities being researched on. b) Several examples can be used in applying this principle. One is through video documentaries, whereby a certain community is given a live recording. The other one is museum exhibits where significant certain data are publicized. 6) Another principle of sociolinguistic engagement is the intrinsic connection between language differences and socio historical, sociocultural, and regional traditions (p. 1113). The above quotation means that language differences are influenced by certain issues in which a community has in common. This includes historical, cultural and regional traditions shared amongst the individuals. For example, I have realized that immigrants from a certain community tend to speak a variation of vernacular from the members of the same community born or raised up in the US. 7. As a group of undergraduate students, the following event can be organized to give something back to a community researched on. The project would involve the Tangier community in a tiny island in Virginia. The event would be about a unique cultural practice which would attract tourist and interest groups. The goal of the event would be to create awareness of the community and their unique dialect. The event will be provided by linguistics, community developers and other non-political interest groups. It will focus on benefitting the Tangier community. This proposal is an example of a valid and reliable

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