Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethnic Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Ethnic Studies - Essay Example The film presents a compelling love story about a couple from different races. Jihah is in pursuit of the American dream and delineate s himself from the Korean culture. He makes Sophie happy by giving her a child, which is her lifelong dream. The film is not about who Sophie ends up with, but rather if she becomes happy. She gains her self-fulfillment through the relationship with Jihah, who she contracts to make her pregnant and save her marriage. Even so, they are both strangers who have sex, but desperately try to avoid intimacy. In their loveless encounters, the two visibly seem to fight the need to bond. Eventually and inevitably, they find themselves in a relationship despite the commercial nature of their relationship. Although Sophie is a well-to-do woman, her infertile husband, who is also Korean, puts her in an awkward position in which she cannot be a mother. The fact that she hires someone to inseminate her makes it lean towards a cross-class relationship, but the later romantic relationship means that it is an interracial relationship. In addition, Sophie dates a wealthy Korean man and this signifies their interracial relationship. Although there is the exchange of money, a late-blooming passion alters the happy conclusion of the film. None of them bargained for the emotions that accompany their interracial

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