Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Case Study - Assignment Example From the increasing sales that are being made from mobile commerce, it is quite evident that in the coming years a large percentage of all sales that occur in a particular country will be online. This is due to advancements that are being made in the technological world from smart phones to computers and even tablets. In future people all over the world will seem to be so busy working such that time for shopping is limited hence they will be obliged to do over the internet. As computer knowledge increase from generation to generation, there will be more conversance with these electronic devices and this will also raise the percentage rate of increase of mobile commerce. Through online buying, one can select a wide range of goods and services from foodstuffs to banking services hence saving time of having to move from place to place. Companies that involve mobile commerce such as OLX continue to build their routes because it is evident that the future of business is dependent on onlin e shopping due to studies done by Ipos indicating that the percentage of online shopping continues to increase over the years (Chen & Lee 33). The Edward Jones is a big company situated in the USA and it offers financial help to its customers through advising them on how to invest their money in the best way. It has been established strongly for many years because of managing properly the techniques they use to handle their customers. Although the company management interacts with its clients over the internet and other social media, it cannot do its business activities online. This is because it has branches all over Canada and USA hence they can easily be physically reached. It is also a risky business to do money transactions to people that are met over the internet hence the obligation for face to face encounter (Chen & Lee 37). However the use of internet makes their messages reach a wide range of potential customers who may be looking for their

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