Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Critical thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 10

Critical thinking - Essay Example There is also the job which can pay a little of the tuition fees even if not all. This will therefore leave only a little of the fee balance left to clear. The next step is to identify alternative sources of fee and this is also the second step in the PDCA system. Some of the potential sources of fee include bursaries offered by government and organizations (governmental or non-governmental). There are also individual persons’ bursaries, charities and grants specializing in higher education funding as well as corporates programs. These usually offer part funding which is all that is needed to top up the money for school. Having established and identified that, the next step is on how to obtain the money from all these sources. This is the next step that involves testing of the plan mentioned. This will require a lot of form filling and searching for the best of the organizations which must be planned for in advance. Preparation and getting the facts and stating the truth is one of the preparation techniques. The reason for the situation happening cannot be dwelt on because economic times are hard and since there are more students that are needy, they all have to divide the money. If he is to pursue other alternatives of finding part time scholarships or a sponsor who can pay for the other half of the fee, then the solution will have been reached. Seeking another job is not an option as he will not be able to study at all and the main aim is to clear the degree and seek better paying job. The last in the problem solving technique is to act. The action will involve fully implementing the solution. After conducting research on the organizations, charities and even government, application or follow up interview are next. Honesty in these interviews on financial situation must be said if he is expected to woo these financiers even if it is one of

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