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Newark Ophthalmic Centre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Newark Ophthalmic Centre - Essay Example 179), your project will not succeed. By definition, an information system (Beynon-Davies, 1998, p. 4) is a system of communication between people, within the firm and between those in the firm and your customers, actual and potential, and involves the gathering, processing, distribution and use of information. According to several research papers (Morris and Hough, 1987; Benjamin and Levinson, 1993; Drummond, 1998; Beynon-Davies et al., 1998), information system failures are very common. Your problems are common and, based on our considerable experience in these matters, due mainly to faulty project management design. Fortunately, your experience in a much larger organisation was useful in avoiding bigger problems such as mistakes in the installation of the appropriate information systems and technology architecture. Your decision to purchase the system you had just installed was a first step in the right direction. Several failures have been marked by the installation of complex and expensive systems that brought about stakeholder resistance and integration problems due to poor strategic implementation (Beynon-Davies, 1998, p.258 and Grindley, 1991). Herewith are our specific recommendations that we attempt to explain in a straightforward manner and, by defining terms where it would be to your advantage, using language that is easy to understand by everyone in your firm. We have divided our report into five parts. In the first two parts, we propose a simple and straightforward information systems strategy and an information technology strategy you can communicate to everyone in the Centre. In the next two parts, we provide you with an outline of how you can market the information systems and technology strategies to the staff and to the Centre's owner, Dr. Harrison. In part five, we map out a project implementation plan for the next two years Part One: Information Systems

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