Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Affection and sexuality Essay Example

Affection and sexuality Essay Example Affection and sexuality Essay Affection and sexuality Essay Essay Topic: The Second Sex Abused and neglected children have a more complex development than a normal child. There are two types of parent-child relationship that affects the development of abused and neglected children: conflict and neglect, and physical or sexual abuse. For the first type, the children develop impaired bonding, emotional deprivation and role reversal. For the second type, children develop impaired decision-making skills and imbalanced differentiation between affection and sexuality. Throughout the developmental stages from pregnancy and birth to the child’s growing up years, the parental and societal culture that the child needs to live up with brings conflicting values and meanings the child misinterprets and uses wrongly. During pregnancy and birth, the development is stunted because of the neglect of parents on the basic developmental needs of their child such as being cared for. The primary problem with an abusive parent is the desire for control. And because bringing a child into the world may cause disillusionment since they focus on how the child will love them not the other way around, the strain starts in the relationship. Aside from the mother’s changes in her perceptions and worldviews brought about by childbirth, the father also experiences the same changes. This can affect the relationship between the parents, which can affect that of the child’s relationship with his parents. Without a support system, parents fail to realize the much needed models for emulation of parenthood. Because these parents are so caught up with their expectations and needs, they tend to ignore or fail to realize the needs of their children, resulting to the child’s stunted development. The child’s ability to adapt and cope with his environment is based on how his environment treats him. Children learn by emulating what they see and if their environment is neglectful, then they will fail to develop the necessary qualities that will help them develop into better beings in the future. Abuse and neglect impede in necessary development of the child.

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