Thursday, October 10, 2019

Characters in George Orwells novel “Animal Farm” Essay

The book animal farm, written by George Orwell, is believed to tell the story of not just a story about some rebellious animals, but represents how the Russian revolution took place. Many believe this because of the way he portrays certain characters in the novel. Such as snowball being represented as Leon Trotsky, old major being represented as , and the ruthless leader of the farm napoleon representing the leader of the U.S.S.R. Josef starlin. After the rebellion of manor farm, napoleon declared himself the ruler or the animals and the estate. He also renamed the property Animal farm, showing that the animals where no longer to be kept as slaves by humans running the farm, but instead to be at the same social level as all the other animals. This is similar to when starlin took leadership or Russia after the tsar was expelled from his country by the people. Starlin then renamed Russia the U.S.S.R. Napoleon is orwells villain in animal farm and represents Joseph starlin during the Russian revolution. Napoleon and starlin both attempt to run a socialist empire but soon finds that their human nature overwhelms them into taking advantage of their position. Napoleon seems to be a good leader at first, but becomes greedy and power hungry. Starlin also became greedy and power hungry in Russia, making the idea of socialism in Russia behind. What is meant by this is whilst the peasants were suffering and living in poverty, starlin was living in luxury. When the industrialization of Russia happened, like on animal farm with the windmill, both napoleon and starlin didn’t want it to happen at first. Like when snowball wanted the idea to happen before napoleon and he declined, and when Leon Trotsky wanted it to happen when starlin didn’t. Eventually napoleon decided to have electricity to the farm by building a windmill to power the electricity and create a better image for the farm as well as improving productivity. This is like when starlin introduced the five year plan. Starlin did industrialize his country, and boost his international  status, but his countries living conditions where no better off. The true character of napoleon is shown when he has the animals plotting against him executed, and when he hires a pig to sample his food to make sure that he isn’t being poisoned. Starlin also was a ruthless leader in Russia. After suspecting many people in his congress supporters of Trotsky, starlin also had these people executed.

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