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The Old Age Home

THE OLD AGE HOME Preface: In Western Country, Old aged person stay in old home is a common incident, but for our country, it is not natural because Bangladesh is a family bonding country. People here like to stay together. But increasing with modern facilities, people now prefer to think only for themselves & their old aged parents seems burden to them & they try to get rid from them. For that reason the number of Old homes are increasing day by day. Mission & Vision of this project: The main mission of the project is to increasing awareness between the young generation for not to leave their parents along in the time of their need.We want to make them conscious in this sense that, if they leave their parents along on their need, one day they also must be leave by their lovely children without any reason. The letter posted in every wall of old home is given bellow: [pic] If we successfully can increase awareness between people, the Rang on Old age home living people must be decrease & our countries family bonding being strong again. By this project we can make better relationship between us & the old people. We come to know about their life style & easily prepared ourselves for our future. IT helps us in many ways.Description & Roles of the old age home : Above 60 up ages men/women who are helpless, unable to earn anymore, who has no place to live, whose sons /daughter are able to look after them but don’t take care of them or who has no child or kit-kin . in a word who are helpless in financially /socially like this old men /women, they stay at old age home with the help of government or any non-government organization. In Bangladesh, there are four old age home. One government, one semi-govt. & two non- govt. The old home we visited is situated at Bishia Kuribari Monipur (hotapara) in joydebpur, Gazipur.The organizer of this old-aged home is the biggest Givency group, which is spread all over Gazipur district. With this many social well-fare work, the Old Aged home is one of them. The Total land area is about 24 Acres. The environment of old home is quiet and evergreen. There are a tin-shed building and three 5-stored building for the old men & women. [pic] By the old age home superintendent / caretaker and the list of old men/women, we came to know, at present there are 205 old men/women among them 93 old men and 112 old women.At first, we talked with some old men/women then they inform us that here they survive their rest life with some given rice. The old people get food in time. They also inform that, when they become seek there is a medical unit for treatment where has experienced doctor, two nurses and others officers and staff. The old age home put for them a noble/great treatment. There is a TV room and a common room for entertainment. They can use those rooms anytime. There are newspapers and books for passing leisure time. There is also a prayer room; all have to pray at time.But for living there, they (old men/women) n eed not to pay. Admission requirement: †¢ Above 60 years old. †¢ They have to be actual helpless. †¢ They have to be able to walk without anyone help. †¢ They have to be mentally strong. †¢ They have to be able to do own walk. †¢ They have to neat and clean. †¢ They have to attend the prayer regularly. †¢ Smoking is not allowed in this institution. †¢ The facilities which are given from the institution, nobody can want more than that. †¢ For religious festival they can get vacation for two times in a year, visitors can meet with them anytime. Description of our visit:May 31st, 2012, the first day, we started our journey from varsity campus at 11. 00 A. M. That day was Thursday and our class finished at 10:40 A. M. At first, we went station road by our varsity campus at 31/05/2012. That day was Thursday and our class finished at 10:40 a. m. at first we went station road by our varsity bus. Then we went to Hotapara, Gazipur by public t ransport. Then we went to Bishia Kuribari Monipur by auto-rickshaw. After 30 min we reached to the old age home. Then we talked with gatekeeper for permission to enter into the old age home. They took us to the office of caretaker and told to seat there until he came.After half an hour the caretaker came to the office and asked what we want, where we from. Then we told him that we are from a varsity, name – IUBAT. And we wanted to visit the old age home and also wanted to meet with the old people who live there. Then he refused us. He said student entering is not allowed without permission of authority. Then he gave us the cell number of the authority. Then we phoned the authority for permission. After requesting a lot, he permitted us to visit the old age home but not allowed to talk with any old people, also not allowed to take any picture. After that, he sent a guard with us.We really become very surprised to see the whole area. It’s really very large. The total Lan d area is 24 acres. It’s filled with green trees. Many kinds of fruits & flowers are there. The authority use jar for keeping water cool. This water mainly naturally purified by natural purifying system. There are almost 5 ponds in the campus. & fisheries is available almost all ponds. Authority also grows different vegetables & seeds there for ensuring all campus members good health. Prayer room, park, Hospital everything is available in the campus. Their also have big grave place for the time after their death.Mainly for Those person, who become death in this area & whose family not came to receive his dead-body after death. Over all the whole campus is nicely maintained by The Givency Group. Their Old age home project is really a non- profitable, helpful project for our general people. For visiting again the campus & talk with old persons, we need permission of the Authority. For that reason, we first approve an application by our course instructor & went to the main offic e of old home (sector-9, Uttara) for seeking permission. A format of that application is attached with this main document:After getting permission, we went there 2ndtime, in the same way. After reach there, we went to the caretaker’s room. We show them the application & request him to give us a chance for talking with the old people who are interested. By seeing the permission paper, He gave a chance to entering there but not allowed taking any mobile or camera. We agreed him and leave the camera and mobile. In that day we got two hours to stay with the old people. We all members enjoyed that day a lot. Some old men and women were so happy to see us. But the guard didn’t give us the chance to talk with everyone.They knew who are interested and who are not interested to talk with us. We talk with them who are interested to talk. In this day some old men and women told us to go again to meet with them. Fillings on their family absence: Almost all the people, who live in the old age home, have a family. They have children, they have grandchildren. But they are living here without their any of family members. Though they are here but they think about their family every moment. Though their family members are not careful about them, but they wish a happy life for their family. They also pray for their family.They always miss them all. They think if they are with their family. A conversation between an old woman and our group member Angkan kanti paul: An old woman called Angkan near her with smiley face†¦ Angkan: As-salamualykum. Woman: oalaikum-assalam, who are you? & What do you want? Angkan: I am Ankan, I want to know about you. I am here to see you, for spending few memorable times with you. Have you few times for me? Woman: I’m fine. I have a grandson as like as you. Angkan: I’m also your grandson. Woman: No. Because after leave me here he never come back for see me. But you come. Where is my grandson?He doesn’t come to m e and he doesn’t hug me anymore. After this conversation the old woman started to cry and went inside the room. Refreshment for them: On that day we got few times for spending with them. We did something for their mind refreshment. There was a few man and woman sitting beside garden, we joined with them. We asked about their health. After some time our one guest sung a song. They were happy with us. We walked some area with them. On the way they said some story of their life. After telling story of their life they became upset. When we understood that we told some jokes of our varsity life.We don’t know when we took place in their mind, when we told we have to go right now, they became upset and told us to come again to meet them. We all became also upset for them. They told us some sort story of their life. One Story of a woman given below: One old woman told as about her life story, how she came there. She had one son and one daughter. Her husband was a govt. employe r. After her husband died she reared her son and daughter. She gave her daughter marry. Her son got a job in privet farm. Then her son got marry. After half a year her son’s wife started to rude with her.One day her son came to her and told her that he will go outside with her for visiting a park. She was so happy. She got ready and started journey with her son. Her son brought her here. It is like a nice park so she didn’t understood. One time her son told her to seat in the park, and told that he is going for few moments, he will be back. But he didn’t back. Even he never met with his mother again. What we have learned from them? : We learn from them that in the last stage of life they are passing their time with full of sorrows, because they are the neglected person of their family. For this reason, they suffer in the long run.Only they know, living without family, how much painful. We also learn that we do not separate our mother, father, grandmother, grandf ather in the last stage of life, because they reared us with love. We will not send them to old age home. We try to feel there sorrows by standing on their present condition & promised us by ourselves that we never ever leave our parents alone in old home. We stay with our parents till their last breath. Limitations of our Project: For completing our project we face few obstacles & there also have few limitations, because in Old home, The Authority doesn’t permit us to talk freely with older.In old home, members are not living happily, if we asked them emotional questions, they become sad. For that reason, we try to talk with them very smartly but not freely. Though Authority gives them all facilities, they also have some limitations. It’s a institution not home, & Older are not fully satisfied with this types of facilities. But maintaining good quality of food & shelter they can’t improved the quality for making it best. Abstracted: Actually no one become happy in his life. But old people who lived in old home are really suffer a lot at their last stage of life.There life is full with sorrows & the pain for not getting happiness. Though their relatives leave them alone, they always pray for their good wish. In their last stage of life they only want to see their lovely child’s face for last time. It’s really shame for us that, we can’t take those persons responsibilities by whom, we came in this beautiful world. They all live here together like family, but this is not their real family. Actually without children they spend their life not happily. They don’t want to live long, they only want a happy Ending of their life.

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