Saturday, August 24, 2019

Active role in the community offering time and help and DBU have help Essay

Active role in the community offering time and help and DBU have help with this - Essay Example Going by this argument, I am of the opinion that by reading them stories in the nursing homes, I believe that I cheer them up and give them the motivation to live for more years in their remaining lives. The same case applies to Townsend’s (2011) work that argues that for nursing care to be holistic, it must entail both the biological and behavioral aspects. My visit to the nursing homes touches both on the biological and behavioral aspects of the elderly persons. Through reading them the stories, I lighten their day, which has an impact on their biological well-being and also on their behavioral aspect as the elderly become more positive with life; thus, have a chance to believe that they can not only live longer, but also fruitfully. In the thought of Baker (2007), a great percentage of people degrade the elderly homes for the claim that they have a fouls smell, and other simply have the wrong perception of the homes. With this in question, it is evident that a lot of help is required in these homes, if the elderly have to feel that they belong to the society in general. I chose to help the elderly by visiting them as I believe that these homes are dignified homes and are purely directed at making sure the elderly are taken care off. I choose to better the way in which the elderly live by visiting them regularly especially with the help of DBU. I also hold this opinion as I believe that I will be the next victim and will certainly require the help of others to live a perfect old age. Unlike the common perception that the elderly are a burden to the society, Horsfall, et al (2011) recommend that the elderly develop relations that will help them live happily. In the event that the elderly make connection with the community and other caregivers, it has been indicated to be therapeutical for the older people (Horsfall, et al., 2011; My Aged Care, n.d). My move to spend time with elderly and reading

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