Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 18

Communication - Essay Example ficant percentage of the sexist language entails depiction of women: a good example is of the words ‘a blonde’ –such words used in a statement act as a representation of women hence belittle their lives and place an extra level of personal judgment on them. This makes it very hard for people of the female gender to communicate or even open up especially to the people who use the sexist language; moreover, it creates hatred leading to lack of respect especially between the youth and their elders. Over the years, language has played a significant role in race relations with some words being used offensively and others honorably; shockingly, it is through this that up to date that people still argue as to whether the ’N word’, popularly used to describe people of the African American background should be used. Most people are of the idea that using inoffensive language is all about political correctness whereas it’s not; it’s about valuing others and creating strong relationships with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds which automatically enhances communication (Kareem 1). Racist language is all about language and culture which is why different words have dissimilar meanings to some people from diverse ethnic backgrounds i.e. the word ‘loaded’ doesn’t have the same meaning to Native Americans and Africans. Apparently, racist language is one of the core barriers of communication; for instance, the ‘N word’ has created rivalry and mystification between the African Americans and the white people in the American society, making it hard for the two address each other especially in public. This might be due to some people finding the word offensive hence loathing those that use it to refer to them or possibly because some people use it deliberately to offend and humiliate the African Americans. Typically, homophobic language is used as a form of insult against the gay and most people find it difficult and time consuming to campaign against;

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