Sunday, August 4, 2019

Selling and offering information on the internet brings with it a list :: Computer Science

Selling and offering information on the internet brings with it a list of legal and corporate issues. Legal and corporate issues The growth of e-commerce has enabled M&S to involve and expand their business from their stores to the world of internet. Marks and Spencer is increasingly using the internet for electronic commerce, selling goods to consumers and also offer a range of information about the available products and services. However selling and offering information on the internet brings with it a list of legal and corporate issues. These issues are designed in order to protect the customers from fraud of misuse of personal data and also laws to consider disabled consumers who may be using the internet site, therefore will require special features. M&S corporate identity, including the corporate logo design and the company corporate identity and branding is the most important information that this company can convey to its customers, therefore specific consideration are designed in regard of protecting the companies identity. Legal Issues Data protection considerations The Data Protection Act lays puts down a serious of rules that M&S must obey under their co-operation. Therefore as a successful trader any personal data that the company collects from its customers, such as name, address and billing information such as credit card details must be protected from fraud. Therefore M&S must deal fairly with the info they receive from consumers and tell the customer what data the have collected, upon that they must tell them what you are going to do with that information, and consult with the customers before taking any actions. For instance they must ask for permission before sharing the information with a third party, therefore the most important point to consider is to Keep the data collected safe and secure. Website terms and conditions ---------------------------- The terms and condition are important and must be informed to the consumer before making a transaction. Different companies have different terms and condition therefore M&S must make sure they make it clear for their consumers the terms an condition of making this transaction. These terms and condition inform the customers of the Data protection act considerations, which is designed in interest of the consumers comfort in the transaction, reassuring them that the details they provide is kept safe. M&S must include these terms and condition to reassure their customers that using their e-commerce will be safe and secure. M&S must also include a clear privacy policy explaining how they will use the information collected on the site. It is also crucial to contain a clear "conditions of sale" which includes details of when the contract is actually formed (E.g. the order

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