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Relationships between Children and Parents. Write Me Sometimes and Essay

Relationships between Children and Parents. Write Me Sometimes and Hamlet - Essay Example They bond over a shared love of food and indulge themselves with all types of food when they meet up. They enjoy debating over restaurant choices and evaluating the food they eat, even when the protagonists’ sister begins to join them for their lunch dates, â€Å"The images I have in my head of these Saturdays are blurry, happy pictures† (Ng-Chan, Year). However, the relationship between father and daughter slowly changes for the worse as the daughter ages. Throughout her college life and subsequent years, she develops as her own individual identity and thus makes choices and forms opinions of her own which do not necessarily resonate with her father. Their weekly meetings almost stop completely, and when they do meet, it is evident that they have grown apart. What makes this even worse is a lack of effort on the part of the father. Though the protagonist writes regularly to her father in an aim to keep in touch and to keep him him informed of her life, the father merely rings very occasionally and never writes back, despite the fact that he promises to do so every time they speak. When they eventually arrange to meet in person again, the father is insistent that they meet for lunch, even though the daughter has made it clear she would prefer something else. The fact that the daughter is now vegetarian and her eating habits have changed drastically seems an issue her father cannot adapt to. He constantly questions her eating habits, encourages her to eat more and insists on buying her groceries constantly despite her protests, and their conversation is stilted, â€Å"The rest of the lunch was spent in polite enquiry† (Ng-Chang, Year). The father appears to be attempting to revert back to their childhood relationship through food and refuses to acknowledge that his daughter has changed. Paragraph 2 (Hamlet) In the Shakespearean play â€Å"Hamlet†, the reader is witness to tragic story in which the protagonists parents and their actions and weaknesses, ultimately lead to his demise. To begin with, after his father King Hamlet dies, the character of the younger Hamlet is immediately disturbed by the actions of his mother. Not long after his father’s death, Queen Gertrude engages in a relationship with and marries Claud ius, Hamlets uncle. This causes Hamlet to be distrustful and avoidant of women, as he believes that his mothers disrespect toward his father’s death and overt sexuality is characteristic of all women. It is as a direct result of this that he does not declare his love for Ophelia until she dies, â€Å"By what it fed on / and yet, within a month / let me not think on’t / Frailty, thy name is woman! / A little month; or ere those shoes were old / with which she followed my poor father’s body...† (Shakespeare, trans. 1992, 1. 2. 145-148). At the beginning of the play, the ghost of Hamlets father visits him and demands that he avenge his death as he asserts that it was Claudius who killed him. This immediately puts a huge pressure and sense of foreboding on Hamlet as his father has made it Hamlets mission to murder his uncle. It is in this preoccupation with deciphering Claudius’s guilt in the death of his father, that ultimately leads to Hamlets demise . Were it not for this idea of attaining revenge, Hamlet would not have engaged in the activities which led to his death. As Hamlets stepfather, Claudius plays a very central role in the death of Hamlet. Suspicious and afraid for his life, he arranges Hamlets death, as he did Hamlets father, and it was these actions which eventually led to the death of almost all of the characters in the play. Were it not for t

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