Saturday, September 14, 2019

Texting And Driving Essay

I do support in the fact that texting a driving should be considered illegal, mainly for the soul purpose that many people die because of the distractions on the road that your phone can cause. â€Å"In the past three years alone, 30 states have banned texting while driving, the only state that has not done it yet is Oklahoma. † (Delcour 2) You see on the news that there are many teenagers now a days that get into car accident why? BECAUSE THEY WERE TEXTING AND DRIVING!â€Å"Last year, despite assurance by S. C.  lawmakers that a texting ban would be passed, obviously it died without coming up for a final vote. †(EDITORIAL 6) I know people who try to text and drive but we always remind them that there are other people in this care ad unless they want the guilt of their friends death due to their carelessness then that’s up to them. When I get behind the wheel of a car I turn my phone to silent and I don’t turn it back up until I that car is stopped and I get out of that car, I don’t sit there at a red light or a stop sign reading text messages or taking calls while I’m behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.It is unsafe to not only you but the people in your car, and the people outside of your car as well like other drivers, pedestrians, animals, etc. I think that if it were to become illegal then it should not only have one ticket for texting while driving but also another one for being stupid to put yourself and other in a dangerous risk of dying or getting seriously hurt. â€Å"Fifty-eight percent of those under 45 say texting while driving should be punished less severely than driving while intoxicated, while 65 percent of those over 45 say the severity of the punishment should be equal for both.† (CBS 6)I am still kind of a new driver myself but I do know how to stay safe on the road from anything that may distract me and end up causing a lot of damage. Dinosaurs have big bodies and small brains, when you st ep inside of a vehicle you now have a big body and a smaller brain. Don’t let that brain of yours end up making stupid decisions behind dangerous machinery like a car. Why do people text and drive? Because they think they can multitask, news flash no you can’t. You cannot pay attention to the road going 70 while talking to your friend at the same time because our minds were meant to comprehend only one thing at a time.Everyone says â€Å"oh I can multitask† and when they do they completely screw something up, just like driving if you don’t pay attention you will screw up bigger than falling off your bike and getting a skinned knee. If this was made illegal I am pretty sure that people wouldn’t obey it at first, but once they get into that accident due to that electronic distraction they will understand why it was made illegal. â€Å"Numerous recent studies document that using wireless communications, and specifically texting, is one of the most da ngerous distractions for a driver, under many circumstances have there been deadly consequences

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