Friday, September 27, 2019

Crminal Justice System of Singapore Research Paper

Crminal Justice System of Singapore - Research Paper Example Other relevant offences get created by statutes like the Abduction Act, Arms Crime Act, Vandalism Act as well as Abuse of Drugs Act. In Singapore, many activities considered relatively mild in other countries such as jaywalking, sale of chewing gum, littering, failing to flush toilets after use, possession of obscene material and sexual activities like oral and anal sex between men considered illegal thus perceived as a highly regulated society (Haas, 201). This burdensome act has led to Singapore having rare cases of the low occurrences of awful crimes in the universe. Singapore carries out both corporal punishments that are by caning offenders and capital punishment by hanging serious offenders. These punishments are necessary for certain offences. According to statistics, the country has one of the highest homicide rates in the sphere in relation to its population outstanding Saudi Arabia, for example, between the years 1991 and 2004, more than 400 people ended up executed most of them being drug peddlers. William Gibson a Science Fiction writer termed Singapore as Disneyland with the death penalty. In the 19th century, the criminal law received a discharge in the three Straits, Settlement of Singapore. At the period, there was slight suspicion that English general law offenses were accepted in these territories. Straits Settlement Penal Code was approved and came into operation in 16th September 1872 after problems like use of certain Indian Acts arose in 1871. The code is virtually a re- enactment of the Indian Penal Code. The main act in Singapore is the Penal Code. It relates to criminal law and has more than 500 units divided into 24 chapters. The Penal Code terms the fundamentals of every offence and recommends the maximum and sometimes the minimum penalties for the offence. The basic form of an offence has the lowest penalties, while other literary forms of the crime are defined as

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