Thursday, September 19, 2019

Aristotles Notion Of Body And Soul Essay -- essays research papers

Aristotele’s Notion of Body and Soul, and My opinion What is Aristotele’s notion of body and soul? According to Aristotle, everything in the world is divided between superior and inferior. Man is superior to the animals, the male to the female, and the soul to the body. â€Å"The soul is more noble than our possesions or our bodies';. Therefore, man should act through his soul, and not through his body. The soul services the greater good. If a man does not act from his soul, and thus lets his body rule the sole, he is not worthy of politics, and is a ‘natural slave’. A natural slave is born to slavery. For him slavery is â€Å"both expedient and right';, because they let the bodily pleasures, wants and lusts overrule rationality. The people who do let the soul rule over the body are in the ‘p...

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