Thursday, November 21, 2019

Reflective journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reflective journal - Essay Example As a means of increasing the production of the National City Bank, the corporate leaders use motivation and empowerment strategies. Motivation and empowerment The National City Bank motivates its employees through many ways which entail using rewards, recognition, and workers involvement. The forms of motivation are helpful in the organization because they increase their outputs. I learned that the increased production is caused by the elements of motivation. One of the components of motivation includes intensity; furthermore, I realized that motivation indeed increases the work intensity. Personally, motivation increases my job performances because it makes me work harder. Another element of motivation is persistency. I learned that motivation makes the workers in the banking organization not to give up doing some tasks even if they are difficult. Motivation also gives the workers directions especially if the type of motivation entails goal setting. Furthermore, it increases the wor kforces drive and energy in the work places. I learned that the elements of motivation increase businesses productivity because they challenge the workforces to use their skills and knowledge more effectively. Moreover, they encourage the underperforming workers to perform higher (Podmoroff, 2005). It is vital to know that high performing organizations like the National City Bank do not rely on motivation only. I learned that high business productivity is caused by the combination of motivation with other factors like good working conditions and workers’ capabilities (Fiore, 2004). The bank performs well because it ensures that its workers can access all the materials needed to perform their tasks. This makes the workers focus on their tasks instead of wasting time looking for the materials. Additionally, the firm ensures that its employee have the ability to do their work effectively. The bank achieves this through effective hiring process where managers do not only focus on the applicants’ credentials, but they also focus on the applicants’ abilities and interests. I also learned how motivation affects workers in organizations through the theories presented by psychologists. Some of the theories include the content and process suppositions. In the content theory, I realized that human beings pursue things because they desire certain outcomes. The process theories assume that people have the ability to opt for goals and the paths that may lead them towards the goals. According to â€Å"Maslow Hierarchy of Needs†, workers satisfaction is vital. The workers satisfactions can be attained if organizations meet their needs through peripheral and internal means (Borkowski, 2011). It is interesting to realize that the National City Bank applies the theories to satisfy and motivate its workers. For instance, the organization motivates its workers by meeting their self-actualization needs. This is achievable through the introduction of chal lenging projects which makes the workers use their skills effectively. Additionally, the bank meets the workers self-actualization needs by creating an environment that encourages creativity. The organization also rewards the employees who introduce helpful ideas to the organization. Furthermore, I realized that the bank has invested a lot in the workers’ training programs. Personality trainings help me perform tasks better because they increase my skills and abilities.

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