Monday, November 18, 2019

External Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

External Analysis - Essay Example This paper will explore and analyze the fast casual restaurant industry in the USA with considerations on Mr Empanada Franchise Corporation, a fast food casual restaurant, which is headquartered in Tampa Florida. The paper will look into the strategy of Mr Empanada and give recommendations on the same. Primarily, the paper will look into the political and legal environment in the industry and then look into the power of suppliers. Political and Legal Environment Considering the political structure of USA, both the laws of the federal government as well as the laws of the state where the business is operating govern all the businesses. The fast food restaurant in the USA is highly flourishing which is an indication of good policies regarding the restaurant industry. The state of Florida, which is the home of Mr Empanada and other multinational fast casual restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King Corporation, is one of the states where the restaurant industry is well estab lished. It is imperative that the restaurants should not only be conversant with the prevailing laws, both federal government and state government laws, but should also ensure that they comply with the laws. Mr Empanada engages in the manufacturing and sale of food substances, which are highly regulated by food laws that seek to protect all US consumers and apply to both USA and foreign corporations operating in the USA (Smith 353). The manufacturing facility is certified by USDA meaning that the facility is usually subjected to a daily inspection to ensure that the corporation upholds the required level of hygiene and practice in handling food for human consumption. The US FDA regulates food, beverages, and dietary supplements that are meant for human consumption or for consumption by other animals in the United States. The FDA regulations are entrenched under the US Bioterrorism Act that requires all corporations dealing with manufacturing, processing, storage or packaging of food stuffs intended for consumption in the USA be registered. It is important that all fast food restaurants should follow the due process for registration with US FDA. It is also very important that all restaurants should be conversant and compliant with all the national and state laws that govern food, beverages and other dietary supplements. In the state of Florida for instance, the enforcement of legal requirements for fast casual restaurants is very strict to ensure maximum quality and safety of foodstuffs. The Division of Hotels and Restaurants, of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, deals with the fast casual restaurants to ensure that they uphold quality and professionalism in their operations. The Division of Hotels and Restaurants inspects licenses and permits, and regulates the establishment of food services in the state in accordance with Chapter 509 of the Florida statutes. The H&R division regulates engineered facilities such as escalators, ele vators and other vertical installations in hotels and restaurants in accordance with chapter 399 of the statutes of Florida (Florida 1518). It is prudent for restaurants in the casual fast food industry to comply with all the laws and requirements of regulatory bodies to avoid undue lawsuits and liability. Mr Empanada for instance has duly complied with the requirements of USAD and has been certified by USAD to offer its services in Florida. Restaurants are often

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