Monday, November 4, 2019

Business proposal - Operations Plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business proposal - Operations Plan - Term Paper Example The importance of operational planning is dependent on the nature of the business. A manufacturing business requires more attention towards the production facilities and operational issues as compared to a retail or service business which involves lesser operational complexity (Lasher, 2010; Ford, Bornstein & Pruitt, 2010; Gaspar, 2013; Maynard, 2012). Business operation Total Alignment is a mattress company who has planned to introduce a system of computerized automatic adjustable mattress named Total Alignment Sleep Mattress 4000 System. The company has entered into an agreement with Ethan Allen, who have agreed to sell the mattresses designed by Total Alignment for a percentage of sales cost. The organization will be using third party distribution channels that are located in Los Angeles. The mattresses are either shipped directly to the stores or to the customers. Thus, the mattresses will be manufactured by Total Alignment and the orders will be distributed by the third party ch annel. Ethan Allen will be selling those mattresses. Daily Operation Firstly, the manufacturing of the mattresses will take place in the manufacturing plant of the Total Alignment, in the presence of technical experts along with other unit members. Quality control team will also be there at the manufacturing plant. The team will be responsible to check each manufactured mattresses for technical failures and to provide approval to the desired quality. The differentiating feature of these mattresses is the technological singularity. So, care should be taken that this aspect of the product meets and retains the expectations. After the product passes the quality check, they are ready to be packed and stored the warehouse. The mattresses will be sold through Ethan Allen who on receiving an order for the mattress will inform the company warehouse. They in turn will immediately deliver the product either to Ethan Allen or directly to the customer. This depends upon the individual delivery dates of the ordered products. If they have an immediate requirement, then the products will be directly delivered to the customers. Otherwise, they will be delivered first to the store and later to the customer. The whole process will be implemented in a computerized manner so that errors are minimal. Figure 1: Operational Flow Source: (Author’s Creation) Planning for increased demand The product that Total Alignment is developing, promises to generate a huge demand amongst the customers because of its long lists of benefits such as, health related advantages, variation in size of the mattresses and lifetime warranty on maintenance and repair. If the customer response to these features is high, thereby leading to high demand, then the organization will be compelled to increase their production in order to cater to the rising demand of the customers. In order to increase the production, Total Alignment will need to increase their manpower along with installation of more equip ment. Increase in only any one of the factors will not lead to the desired outcome. Thus, both the factors must be increased in order to enhance the production. By increasing the number of equipments installed, one can increase the prod

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