Monday, July 29, 2019

HRM & Employment Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

HRM & Employment Relations - Essay Example bloggers to the creation of content that captures the attention of the public ensures that the repetitive action of content creation and content regeneration never ceases, because the audiences are always looking to read and respond to the blogs. Therefore, blogging reinforces effective networking, without encouraging or displacing the consolidation of the blogging networks (). Nevertheless, blogging is a highly personal style of writing to a highly impersonal audience, meaning that it is an effective way of helping interpret the thought process of both the bloggers and the audience who read and responds to the blogs, considering the fact that each of these parties does it on their own terms and in their own style of understanding and reacting to the subject matter (). Then impact of blogs is that it is of the most effective ways of having an organization discuss organizational issues at lengths with the employees, meaning that blogging can highly improve the communication within an organization (). Therefore, blogging is a valuable tool for organizations, since it can make it possible for the organization to understand the feelings, thought process and reaction of individual employees regarding different organizational issues. This is because, blogging entails the application of a highly personalized mode of communication, meaning that it is easy for the organization to understand each of the contributors to the organizational blogs (). However, blogs can be a potential disaster, since they may result in the employees and the organization creating a conflict and misunderstanding regarding various subjects of blogging, which would in turn be transmitted into the physical work environment. Blogs have an influence on face-to-face communication, cons idering the fact that the interaction that is online between the audience and the bloggers is the same that will eventually be transmitted into physical communication (). This means that blogging forms the content of the

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